Comprehensive tutorial guide of spout pouch Episode 2

Why the soft packing of mouth pockets will replace the traditional hard packaging?

The reasons of spout pouch is more popular than hard packaging as follows:

Low transportation cost-the size of the spout pouch is smaller, which is easier to transport than hard packaging, reducing transportation costs;

Lightweight is more environmentally friendly-with a less use of 60% of plastics than hard packaging;

Less contents of content – take out all the contents from the nozzle-sucking bag accounting for about 98% of the product higher than the hard packaging;

Novel and uniqueness – sucking bags make your products stand out in the display;

Better display effect – sucking bags have enough surface area to design and promote your brand logo for you;

Low carbon emissions – the manufacturing process of suction bags is low, more environmentally friendly, and less carbon dioxide emissions;

What’s the benefits of spout pouches for consumers?

Spout pouches have many benefits for both manufacturers and retailers. Let us consider the benefits of end consumers.

The rotation cap to suck the mouth bag can be re-sealed, so it is suitable for the consumer side for a long time and repeatedly used;

The portability of suction bags makes it easy to carry and it is very convenient to carry consumption;

Make a mouth bag is more convenient to use than ordinary soft packaging, and it is not easy to sprinkle;

Spout pouches are safe for children with anti-swallowing and suffocating mouth, suitable for children and pets safety;

Rich packaging design is more attractive to consumers and stimulate the repurchase rate;

Sustainable single material suction mouth bag, which adapts to 2025 environmental protection classification recycling packaging requirements and carbon neutralization targets.

spout pouch

Why do we consider spout pouch as the final product packaging choice?

The spout bag with nozzle is very popular in the liquid packaging industry. The spout pouch should be the first reason for your packaging product to choose from:

The nozzle-sucking bag is easy to carry, because of its light weight

They usually have anti-puncture performance which can prevent overflow

Spout pouches and bags are beautiful and attractive for the end consumers

You may customize your spout pouches and use it for your brand popularity, meanwhile it can be used as an advertisement for your products

When it is filled into liquid products, spout pouch provides the best anti-leakage protection.

The spout pouch is easily to be used and people may enjoy the products by spout pouch packaged.

They are environmentally friendly because of they contain less percentage of plastic than bottle’s packaging.

It is more economical than other traditional food packaging

The nozzle can ensure all the products can be taken out from the bag.

Post time: May-09-2022