Custom biodegradable printed nylon pet dry food packaging bag supplies

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Food packaging bag is plastic material deemed safe for use with foods. Our material meets food packaging materials’ requirements in order to contact food directly safely. Our food packaging bags including three sides seal pouch, flat pouch, stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, retort pouch, spout pouch, paper plastic laminated pouch, back seal pouch, fin seal pouch, quad seal pouch with various different compostable materials including PET, OPP, Nylon, Aluminum foil, metalized film, LLDPE, CPP, kraft paper etc. Get a customized competitive quote here!

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As a market leader in the flexible food packaging industry, we offer a vast range of food-grade packaging pouch solutions in different styles, custom sizes, custom material structure, custom printing and graphic design services to meet your different customized functions and requirements. These are our food packaging bags’ functions as below:

Physical protection - The food enclosed in the package may require protection from shock, vibration, compression, temperature, bacteria, etc.

Barrier protection - A barrier from oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc., is often required. Permeation is a critical factor in design. Keeping the contents clean, fresh, and safe for the intended shelf life is a primary function. Modified atmospheres or controlled atmospheres are also maintained in some food packages. Some packages contain desiccants, oxygen absorbers or ethylene absorbers to help extend shelf life.

Containment or agglomeration - Small items are typically grouped together in one package to allow efficient handling. Liquids, powders, and granular materials can be put into one bag for promotion, marketing, transportation and sales.

Information transmission – Packages’ information and nutrition facts communicate with end customers that could tell end customers trademark, products name, manufacturer name, address, the best date before, quality guarantee, storage, usage, edible method, barcode etc. 


Graphic design service- The packaging innovative graphics can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. Aesthetically pleasing and eye-appealing food presentations can encourage people to imagine the contents. We may help you to do the graphic package design and collocate colors of the package play a significant role in evoking emotions that persuade the consumer to make the purchase.


Food Security – All our food packaging bags’ material are food grade which it can contact food directly. Second, we take use of eco-friendly ink which don’t contain benzene, ketone and other toxic substances. Third, our lamination process uses dry-lamination which don’t use chemical solvent. These three measures not only could make sure the working environmentally safe, but also make sure the food security.

Convenience  Our food packaging bags have features which add convenience in distribution, handling, stacking, display, sale, opening, reclosing, use, and reuse.

Package and shipment: We usually load packaging film rolls, packaging bags and pouches into corrugated boxes with a protective film wrapping. We may provide air and sea shipping services with best competitive prices and shortest shipping period.

All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs including custom full-color printing, customized sizes, customized material structure in good quality with best competitive prices. Please contact us to get a customization quote!


Color-match: Printing according to confirmed-sample or Pantone Guide Color number

What makes our custom food packaging bags different?

Qingdao Advanmatch digitally printed, certified child-resistant mylar bags are available in a wide variety of films and structures, and ready to ship within 15 working days. Our high-barrier, custom-printed flexible pouches are certified by third party agencies to meet federal test requirements, odor + moisture resistant, and resealable.

What custom food packaging bag options do you offer?

Our custom food packaging bag options include the following:
High vapor barriers that block moisture, oxygen, and aroma from entering or exiting the package
Puncture and tear-resistant
Different hang hole options
Transparent or clouded windows
Metalized films
Tear notches
Certified Child-resistant zippers
Available in a wide range of sizes
Pouch bottom / gusset options including DOY Seal, K-Seal, Plow Bottom, 3 side Seal (3SS).
We strive to provide custom solutions for each and every person. For custom requests, please contact our team here or by calling us at +86-13853283162.

What are your film structures and material options?

Print Substrates include PET, Metallized PET, PE, and BOPP
Recyclable films
Finishes available in:
Traditional Matte
Soft-touch Matte
High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films
Specialty laminate films
Metalized PET and foil
Freezer safe options

What are the printing effect look like?

We can print matt, glossy and matt&glossy, metalized effects according to customer’s surface finish requirements. But all the colors will be matched with your samples or pantone guide number.

What is your turnaround time on food packaging bags?

Our turnaround time is 15 working days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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