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Aluminum foil high Barrier bags are bags designed to protect their contents from moisture, oxygen, dirt, and other contaminants. They are often made with heavy duty plastics, with puncture and smell proof properties. Aluminum packaging is light, flexible and easily recyclable. Furthermore, it is hygienic, non-toxic and helps in keeping the aroma of foods. It keeps the food fresh for a long time and provides protection from light, ultraviolet radiation, oils and grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms. So the aluminum foil high barrier bag is good choice for dry powder, pet food, high temperature sterilization food products, tobacco & cigar, tea, coffee packaging usages.Get a customized competitive quote here!

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Aluminum foil high barrier bags are a great choice for food packaging. All of the aluminum foil layered bags help extend product shelf life by eliminating moisture & oxygen from entering the bag.

Aluminum foil high barrier bags can be used for packaging dry foods such as potato chips, frozen dried vegetables, nuts, coffee, tea, protein powders amongst others. These are the highest quality bags due to the incredible amount of protection they offer to products. Aluminum foil high barrier bags are available in a variation of materials which includes kraft outer layer, custom full-color printing, gloss & matte finishes.

Aluminum high barrier can be produced into many kinds of style including three side seal pouches, gusseted pouches, stand up pouches, retort pouches etc.

Valved gusseted pouches are an excellent choice for coffee and other scented items. The valve will ensure that no oxygen enters the bag, preserving freshness and enticing customers with the scent of the food contained therein.

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Self-Standing: Various shapes are offered based on the use and client choice. We provide improved convenience, which means they often take up less shelf space.

Resealable: Our gusset pouches are equipped with zippers and spouts to allow the customer to access the contents at their leisure while still preserving product freshness.

Side Seal: Our quality sealing technology produces a perfect uniform seal, while has better seal strength and longevity ensure that the completed package is suitable for high pressures and temperatures.

Bulk liner bags: The aluminum bulk liner bags have high durability and moisture-proof, leak-proof, and light-blocking; great for materials that cannot have moisture. This liner bag can be used with vacuuming equipment, and with outer packaging containers such as FIBC bags (jumbo bags), heavy-duty corrugated cardboard boxes and octagonal corrugated cardboard boxes…, etc. Highly efficient for filling, transportation, storage, and unloading operations.

All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs including custom full-color printing, customized sizes, customized material structure etc. Please contact us to get a customization quote!


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What Are Barrier Bags?

Barrier bags are bags designed to protect their contents from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. They are often made with heavy duty plastics, with puncture and smell proof properties.

What are foil bags made from?

Aluminum foil bags are made by laminating polythene and a barrier foil of polyester or pure aluminum foil to offer advanced sealing abilities. This also makes them highly resistant to chemicals and other unwanted elements.

What are high barrier pouches made of?

The most common material used for stand up pouches are Nylon, PET, Aluminum foil, (LLDPE) linear low-density polyethylene. All the materials are used widely throughout the packaging industry because it is FDA approved and is safe for direct contact with food.
These foil bags are constructed as a thinner bag using an aluminum layer along with standard PET, Nylon and LLDPE creating a barrier that protects your food products against UV light, oxygen, and moisture. The zipper reclosable feature adds longer shelf life to your food items without needing refrigeration.

What is moisture barrier bag?

Moisture barrier bags, (sometimes called foil bags, aluminum foil bags or Mylar bags), are one of the most effective packaging solutions on the market today to protect against corrosive damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants.

What is your turnaround time on aluminum foil high barrier packaging?

Our turnaround time is 15 working days for film roll stock & finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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