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Three side seal bag also known as three side seal flat pouch, lay-flat pouch or plain pouch, which is named because of the pouch are sealed at three sides and the top is left open for filling the content, it is just a simple flat pouch with easy tearing and can be added with handle hold or zipper at one side. It is a streamlined solution for food or non-food businesses like beef jerky, spices, mixes, pet food, pharmaceuticals and beauty products. Although often overlooked as a packaging option, flat barrier bags are both cost-effective and consumer-friendly.Get a customized competitive quote here!

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Three side seal bag/Flat pouch packaging are ideal for food products that have quicker turnarounds, such as chips, snacks, nuts, beef jerky, and more! The flat pouch options are available in solid, metallic colors, and each bag features a sturdy 3-side seal design. Our metallized flat pouches come in a wide range of sizes for packaging small sample size portions or large quantities for bulk storing purposes.

The three side seal flat pouch (best for jerky) features a one-sided clear panel to show off your product. These pouches also include hang holes, making them ideal for point-of-sale items, such as beef jerky and popular snack food items. Add a valve to turn these into portion-sized coffee bags!
Our three side seal pouch is available in different sizes and artwork designs and can be used to store a variety of products. It can have a small opening for small products or a bigger one for products that require scooping.
Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging offers a wide variety of products that can be used in both food and non-food industries. Our facility allows us to mass-produce and transport our products in bulk. Even with high production capacities, we can guarantee the quality of our products due to our advanced manufacturing technology.


Ideal for Special Applications
Since our products are completely customizable, our three side seal bag is excellent for special applications. We have different features and add-ons available, making these pouches ideal for storing different types of food and non-food content.

User-Friendly Design
Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging Three Side Seal Pouch is designed for efficient and convenient usage. The product is installed with a customizable zipper and tear notches on three sides, for easy open and packing applications.

Cost-Effective Option
The three side seal pouch is a great alternative to canning and other traditional packaging methods because it uses less material and the manufacturing process is a lot simpler.

All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs including custom full-color printing, customized sizes, customized material structure etc. Please contact us to get a customization quote!


Color-match: Printing according to confirmed-sample or Pantone Guide Color number

What is 3 side seal bag?

The 3 Side Seal Bag is similar in shape to a 4-Side Seal Bag. The main difference is that the front and back panels of the bag are sealed on 3 sides and folded on 1 side. Generally, the bottom side of the bag is folded which allows the bag to flex allowing for products to settle at the bottom properly.

What makes our lay flat pouches different?

Qingdao Advanmatch digitally printed lay flat pouches are made with premium food grade films and ready to ship within 15 business days. Our lay flat pouches are fully-formed pouches that are designed to, you guessed it, lay flat on and off the shelf. Often referred to as a “pillow pouch,” lay flat pouches are ideal for a variety of products including snacks, processed meats like jerky, supplements, and more.

What are your film structures and material options?

We offer our customers a variety of materials and film structures including:
Print Substrates PET, Metallized PET, PE, and BOPP
Finishes available in:
Traditional Matte
Soft-touch Matte
High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films
Specialty laminate films
Metalized PET and foil
Recyclable films
Vegan films
Freezer safe and Microwaveable options available

Do you offer recyclable or compostable lay flat pouches?

We do! We’re very proud to offer a recyclable PE/PE pouch that is approved, as well as a Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) pouch. We are also in the process of developing a compostable pouch that we hope to launch in the very near future.

What is your turnaround time on lay flat pouches?

Once your artwork has been approved, your lay flat pouches will be produced in 15 working days.

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