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Spout pouch is also known as fitment pouches, and it is the one of our best sells and focus products at Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging. As the best-quality spout pouch supplier in China, we have full range spouts shape and sizes, also a large volume of bags for our customers’ choice, it is the best packaging solution for beverage, liquid, juice, soups, lotion, shampoo, paste, oil etc.

Spouted pouches offer better spill-control capability & better use of shelf space and greater product distinction through creative designs and formats. They are also safer to transport than glass bottles. The size and form of the spout pouch can be customized as well.
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Spouted pouches have gained tremendous popularity worldwide and provide great convenience, spill control and food safety for many applications (liquid , semi-liquid, granular and powder products) Effectively replacing the can or the glass jar, flexible pouches (stand-up, quad or simple 3 side seal) have revolutionized retailing of many products. The addition of a spout to any of these pack formats solves any dispensability or recloseability issues.

The production cost of the pouches with spout are obviously lower than cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles, and the cost of transportation and storage is obviously reduced. The insulation performance of the product is better than that of the bottle, and the packaged product can quickly cool and keep low temperature.
In addition, a number of additional attributes in the design elements, such as handles, curve contours, tear notches and hang holes, etc.
Qingdao Advanmatch packaging’s spouted pouches have a wide range of materials, sizes, spout shapes, 10 colors custom printed & inventory wholesale. We are able to organize large or small, customized production runs based on customer needs with a very competitive price. All kinds of materials are health safety and environmental protection.


Customized Spout Pouch Design
Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging Spout Pouches come in various shapes and sizes so you can make them as portable as you want. We also offer different spouts and fitments that can make the spout bags easily resealable.

Efficient Product Preservation
Our high-quality stand-up pouches with spouts can keep food and non-food items safer and fresher longer. Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging spout bags are made of FDA approved and fully recyclable raw materials that are good for your products and the environment.

Attractive Graphics
Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging features high-definition printing technology that helps us bring your spout pouch packaging design to life. The enhanced graphics on our spouted pouch packaging can help exceed your branding goals.

Comprehensive Quality Control
Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging offers a one-year warranty on all spout pouches. Our offer to exchange the pouches free of charge is our way of ensuring that our products meet your high-quality standards.

All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs including custom full-color printing, customized sizes, customized material structure etc. Please contact us to get a customization quote!


Color-match: Printing according to confirmed-sample or Pantone Guide Color number

What are spout pouches?

Liquid Packaging Spout Pouches. Qingdao Advanmatch produces stand up bags with a spout. ... Bags with a tap in the packaging of many industries such as: packaging of juices and energy drinks, liquid soap packaging, oil packaging, pharmaceutical packaging.

What are spout pouches made of?

In the place of production, spout pouch is made with polyethylene and may be added with a metalized PET, aluminum foil, Nylon in the inner layer.

What’s your spout pouches sizes and volume?

Our most popular volume are 8 fl. oz-250ML(6” x 8” x 3"), 16fl. oz-500ML(6.5” x 8.5” x 3.5”) and 32fl.oz-1000ML(7” x 10” x 3.5") options, all other volumes are customized.

Do you provide custom printing and custom design?

Yes, The artwork and form of the spout pouch can be customized as well. We have over the years created convenience in the packaging industry. In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation, storage, and also it is recyclable.

Are spout pouches environmentally friendly?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Spouted stand up pouches are a huge environmental advantage and one of the most sustainable forms of packaging on the market. For starters, they're recyclable.

What is your turnaround time on spout pouches?

Our turnaround time is 15 working days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

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