Matte printed coffee side gusset resealable flat bottom zipper pouch

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Our flat-bottom pouches give your product maximum shelf stability, and superb protection, all wrapped in an elegant and distinctive look. The gusseted sides and quad seals offer a stronger structure and more filling volume than other pouches, making them a great choice for coffee, candy, nuts, pet food and treats, and other dry ingredients food products. We can print artworks over all five panels according to your custom requirements, meanwhile provide distinguished looking-effect and design possibilities. We can offer various options to meet your needs, whether you need added quad sealing, zipper, valve, rounded corners or clear product windows. When you order your custom-printed flat-bottom pouches direct from Qingdao Advanmatch, you can be confident you’ll stand out.
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Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging offers a variety of different flat bottom bags that are great for food and non-food type items. These compact block/flat bottom bags make efficient use of your valuable shelf space. Flat bottom bags look great as it can stand on the shelf very well and looks like box after filling the product. They can also easily stand and present themselves. Our flat bottom bags come in many different varieties of materials, 10 colors custom printing and customized sizes so that you can put together the perfect packaging for your products.

We can produce flat bottom pouches in paper, plastic, block bottom bags, block bottom pouch, square bottom bags, square bottom pouch, box pouch, box pouch coffee bag, box pouch with valve, box pouch with pocket zipper, flat bottom coffee bags, box bottom bags etc.

Qingdao Advanmatch packaging flat bottom bags’ stable standing and larger capacity but more space saving, with excellent quality and appearance on the shelves.

You can choose from the bag-type reference data provided by us to select the appropriate size, color, accessories (such as resealable zipper, one-way degassing valves, tear notches and hang holes etc.).

Sizes Weight Colors Material Thickness
3.7” x 2.3” x 7.2”

94 x 58 x 183mm

3oz (113g) Custom PET/AL/LLDPE 3.2 mils
3.5” x 2.75” x 9.375”

89 x 70 x 238mm

8oz (227g) Custom PET/AL/LLDPE 4.0 mils
5” x 3.125” x 7.875”

127 x 80 x 200mm

12oz (340g) Custom PET/AL/LLDPE 4.0 mils
4.375” x 3.125” x 10.875”

111 x 80 x 276mm

16oz (453g) Custom PET/AL/LLDPE 4.7 mils
5.3125” x 3.75” x 12.625”

135 x 95 x 320mm

32oz (907g) Custom PET/AL/LLDPE 6.0 mils
Flat Bottom Pouch

Save 15% of Packaging Material
The flat-bottom pouch is made of sustainable materials such as biodegradable plastics, and is very eco-friendly, and will lessen needless material wastage.

Stable Design for Flat Bottom Gusset Bags
The pouch is specially constructed to have a flat bottom. This feature allows the gusset pouch to stand straight, and provide effective visibility to potential buyers.

Enhanced Branding Capabilities
Flat Bottom Pouches offer a wide, 5 printable surfaces that allows you to promote your products with relative ease.

Multiple Add-On Features
Our Flat Bottom Pouches have built-in zippers with other accessories available that allow users to reopen and re-close them.

All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs including custom full-color printing, customized sizes, customized material structure etc. Please contact us to get a customization quote!


Color-match: Printing according to confirmed-sample or Pantone Guide Color number

What is a flat bottom pouch?

Put simply, a flat-bottom pouch is a five-sided, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base. It has material for greater space and strength, known as gussets, on both the left and right side of the pouch, with a fastener on top. Most flat bottom pouches are made with kraft paper, aluminum foil, or LLDPE.

What is a gusseted pouch?

We've mentioned some of the advantages gusset bags provide, but what exactly are they, anyway? Without getting too technical, it is essentially material that's added to a flexible pouch to create more space and strengthen its structure. Typically, it is added to either the sides of a pouch, or, the bottom of a pouch.

What’s the benefits of flat bottom pouch?

For its various benefits, the flat bottom bag is wildly used for pet food, organic products, chocolates, powders, spices, muesli, biscuits, tea, confectionary, coffee, cereal, granola, crackers, and snacks etc. We can offer various options to meet your needs, whether you need added quad sealing, zipper, valve, rounded corners or clear product windows, our experts at Qingdao Advanmatch Packaging can help you design and plan.

What are your film structures and material options?

We offer our customers a variety of materials and film structures including:
Print Substrates PET, Metallized PET, PE, and BOPP
Finishes available in:
Traditional Matte
Soft-touch Matte
High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films
Specialty laminate films
Metalized PET and foil
Recyclable films
Vegan films
Freezer safe and Microwaveable options available

What are the pouch dimensions?

You can choose between a custom-sized flat bottom pouch or our standard sized pouches

What is your turnaround time on flat bottom pouches?

Your stand-up pouches will be produced in 15 working days, once your artwork has been approved.

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